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VP & GM, CBRNE Defence

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Battelle CBRNE Defence

For more than 70 years – beginning with our involvement in the Manhattan Project in the 1940s – government agencies and industries alike have trusted Battelle to solve some of their most complex Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear & Explosive (CBRNE) defence challenges.

With expertise spanning dozens of interrelated scientific disciplines, Battelle is the world’s largest independent R&D organization.  We provide comprehensive solutions for intelligence, defence, medical, security and industrial clients – objective solutions emerging from decades of hands-on experience with not only advanced design and manufacturing services, but also the nation’s largest and most advanced live-agent BSL-3, chemical-agent and licensed explosives test facilities.

We focus on these critical CBRNE defence domains:

Threat Assessment.  Battelle is equipped to characterize, assess, model, predict and measure the full range of CBRNE threats – critical to decision-making for clients in intelligence, defence and homeland security.

High Hazards Research, Development, Test & Evaluation (RDT&E). Whether the subject is CBRNE protection, detection and decontamination or weapons and warheads, Battelle can accelerate your research and development and help ensure that you meet critical test and evaluation milestones.

Medical Surveillance, Diagnostics & Intervention. Battelle operates the world’s largest non-governmental containment laboratories – laboratories that help clients deliver effective diagnostic and therapeutic solutions for the potential victims of chemical and biological warfare, and of pandemic diseases.

Mission Support Services. With a global network of CBRNE subject-matter experts providing a complete support portfolio, the Battelle CBRNE Defence Group’s Mission Support Services is positioned to solve complex technical and operational CBRNE problems.

Products and Lifecycle Management.  Enlisting Battelle’s proven solutions and latest breakthroughs is an efficient way to improve CBRNE preparedness while maximizing budget and performance.

No other company offers greater cross-industry and cross-disciplinary expertise and advanced R&D capabilities – or a greater commitment to advancing the state of the art in CBRNE defence across domains.

To solve your most pressing challenges, Think Battelle First.