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BRUKER  CBRNe Detection Equipment and integrated System Solutions

Bruker Daltonics is a leading global specialist producing Chemical Biological Radiation Nuclear Explosive (CBRNe) detection equipment and total solutions.  Established 30 years ago, we strive to provide a constantly improving range of sophisticated products. Our instruments are built to the highest standards using state-of-the-art technology, ruggedised designs and supplied with modular accessories.  This combination permits ultimate flexibility and wide ranging practical application. We understand that complex scenarios require an integrated system approach and as one of the most experienced players on the market we can provide the right solutions.

The complete product line for detection 

CBRN technology is our core competence and Bruker was the first company to provide a complete range of CBRN detection equipment.  We specialise in developing, engineering and manufacturing military hardened, easy-to-use analytical and integrated system solutions and are ISO9001 certified. The product line includes Mobile Mass Spectrometers, Ion Mobility Spectrometers, FTIR, Radiation Meters, novel explosives and narcotics detection instruments and systems to counter biological threats. Our comprehensive range of products can be used stand alone, fully integrated in to land, air or sea platforms and controlled by software providing a simple and complete common operating picture. Bruker equipment is in service with Military, Homeland Emergency and Civil Defence Forces worldwide.

Mobile and stationary chemical detection

Our RAID series of detectors are multirole, providing personal or collective protection, point, platform or infrastructure Detection, Identification and Monitoring.  They use well-established Ion Mobility Spectrometry and all of the important CWAs and TICs can be monitored.

The stand-off detector RAPID is a compact, mobile infrared detector for the real-time remote sensing of chemical agent clouds. CWA and TICs can be automatically identified and monitored at up to five kilometres whilst stationary or on the move. Latest developments link two or more RAPIDs to setup a triangulation system and allow tomographic reconstruction of CWA clouds. With the SIGIS 2, based on the same core technology, Bruker addresses the special requirements of Emergency Responders providing security at high visibility events.

The MM2 sets a milestone in Gas Chromatography/ Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) technology with a volume of 43 litres at just 35 kg. Equipped with an improved GC/MS technique it represents the new generation of quadrupole mass spectrometers. The MM2 is optimised for mobile detection and long-term chemical reconnaissance and survey missions in armoured vehicles.

Safety, Security and Environmental protection

The enhanced environmental mass spectrometer E2M is a mobile, compact and lightweight GC/MS system for fast, reliable onsite identification and quantification of organic chemicals from any medium (soil, water, air). The instrument has been developed in close conjunction with the German fire brigade and disaster management authorities.  Typical applications of the E2M are Environmental Protection, Mobile On-site Analysis, Event Monitoring, First Responders and Critical Infrastructure Protection.

Each chemical substance has its own infrared signature, just like a finger print. With the new Mobile-IR, it is easy to rapidly identify unknown chemicals, even in the most arduous conditions. Unlike other portable instruments, Bruker‘s Mobile-IR offers benchtop FT-IR performance, providing wider spectral coverage and higher spectral resolutions. The Mobile-IR is available as a powders and liquids analyser or a dedicated liquid analyser. Its embedded computer with large touchscreen display makes operation easy and OPUS/Mentor software guides the users in every step of the analysis and rapidly identifies the unknowns from the built-in library. Additional libraries can easily be added.

Biological detection

There is an evident danger from the use of biological agents as weapons and the reliable and fast identifica­tion of microorganisms is a challenging task in mobile or stationary laboratories. Biotype microorganism identification based on Bruker MALDI-TOF mass spectro­metry is a software tool that allows the reliable identification of unknown micro­organisms from their protein fingerprint in the MALDI-TOF mass spectrum by comparing their individual peak lists to the available database. Based on a flexible database approach the data obtained by MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry from cultivated bacterial colonies can be easily analysed.

The pTD, the portable Toxin Detector, provides detection of 5 Toxins in parallel with unmatched sensitivity. The basic technology of electrical sensing of Immunoassays is a unique approach in this market.

Radiation Detection

The Radiation Sentry Backpack provides fast and accurate nuclide identification, dose and dose rate information utilising Bluetooth. The innovative RAID-AFM and RAID-XP provide dual chemical and gamma radiation detection for the operational environment providing CRN evaluation in a single system.

System integration & data visualisation

Our detectors can be easily integrated into any system or platform. We have over 20 years’ experience of working with our customers to develop effective system integration and multi-platform solutions. Software tools based on 32bit Windows systems are available for all Bruker Detectors. Graphical User Interfaces are adapted to the customers’ needs enabling user-friendly data evaluation visualised by bespoke software programmes adapted for each role.