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Set-up over 20 years ago, ICM is a worldwide-active company specialized in the development and manufacturing of portable X-ray generators and scanners for Security purposes and Non Destructing Testing.

Since its entry on the security market back in 2005, ICM has been one of the key players in the threats detection segment. Thanks to its cutting-edge technology, ICM has succeeded in gaining increasing amounts of market shares in the field of portable X-Ray scanners for EOD and Special Forces.

The sales of its star product, the FLASTSCAN30, have been soaring in the past years and are now used throughout the globe by prestigious clients like the Spanish Army, the Taiwanese Ministry of Interior, the US department of state, or the Abu Dhabi Airport.

Developed with and for EOD operators, the FLATSCAN15 backpack system is the ultimate solution for the quick screening of any potential thread, especially in narrow or unreachable spaces. Smaller than the well-known FLATSCAN30, this innovative portable photodiodes scanner system offers a detailed X-Ray image for immediate and accurate decision-making.

Thanks to its lightweight (3.5Kg) and portable design, the FLATSCAN15 is the perfect tool for a quick and accurate analysis. The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections allow the operator to assess the level of threat of any suspect package, instantly (5 seconds) and from a distance. Furthermore, the intuitive and multilingual software developed alongside the FLATSCAN15 is able to differentiate organic and non-organic materials, as well as, annotate, store, classify and retrieve images. Finally, the EOD user has the possibility to snap 500 images in one single charge.

In a nutshell, The FLATSCAN15 is an easy-to-use and diversified device that will meet every EOD requirements on the field and beyond.