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PlumeSIM enables instrumented multi instrument multi threat exercises to be implemented with ease.


LCD3.3 / M4E1 JCAD simulator (LCD3.2e and MA1 JCAD simulator also available)


RDS200 Gamma survey Simulator with GMP11-SIM contamination simulation probe


AP4C simulator (AP2C and S4PE simulator also available)

Chemical, Biological, Radiological Nuclear (CBRN) and HazMat training systems.

Argon Electronics provides military, nuclear and emergency response teams with high fidelity training simulators to enable safe, cost effective Chemical, Biological, Radiological Nuclear (CBRN) and HazMat training exercises to take place both in the open and internally within sensitive facilities.

Our advanced patented CBRN simulation platform enables you to create multiple simulated hazards within the same exercise enabling students to use a number of different simulated detector technologies. Our simulation systems are modular, enabling you to start with a basic simulation system and progress to our renowned PlumeSIM™ instrumented wide area and table top CBRN training system. This simple but effective approach enables you to ensure you students enjoy what we at Argon call Real Experience Training (RET™). Our CBRN training systems are in use with many military, emergency responder, nuclear facilities, specialist groups and industrial organisations worldwide.

Chemical Warfare / HazMat Training Simulators

Argon are proud of our relationship with many of the world’s leading detector manufacturers and has developed simulators for the JCAD™, LCD3.2e™, LCD3.3™, AP2C™, AP4C™, RAIDM-100™, Hapsite™ and ChemPro 100™.  The simulation technology employed enables your students to experience the difference between the use of different detector technologies such as Ion Mobility Spectrometry, Flame Photometry and GC/MS.

Easy to use, with exception to batteries our simulators do not require any consumables, preventative maintenance or regular calibration assuring you low on-going cost of ownership. You can set up most scenarios within fifteen minutes and implement CWA / HazMat exercises in virtually any environment.

Argon simulators enable you to simulate persistency, wind direction, full and partial decontamination and certain simulated detector faults in addition to depletion of simulated consumables such as hydrogen cylinder or sieve packs. Electronic simulation sources mean that you avoid the need to use chemical simulants and the challenges associated health, safety and site remediation cost.

Our simulation technology also provides you with powerful student monitoring so that you can ensure any potentially costly user errors form part of your after action review and student improvement process without the risk of costly damage and subsequent lack of availability of your actual detectors.

Radiological training simulators

Argon has Alpha, Beta and Gamma simulators for many of the commonly used radiological detection instruments. Our simulation sources can be used to provide indications on Gamma survey simulators, Dosimeter simulators and also spectrometer simulators. Our product range includes simulators for the AN/VDR-2, AN/PDR-77, RDS200, FH40G, EPD-Mk2 and many more.

A variety of contamination simulation technologies and simulation probes / instruments enables you to meet your every training need. Argon has also developed simulation spectrometer probes that operate with the SAM935 and SAM940 spectrometers.

Should you have any specific requirement our extensive and highly capable product development team enjoy a good challenge.

PlumeSIM wide area instrumented CBRN / HazMat training system

PlumeSIM has the ability to transform your CBRN / HazMat exercises. This powerful but easy to use simulation system and has four modes of operation:

·  Planning – lets you prepare your exercise without the need to use any simulation system infrastructure.
·  Table Top mode – allows students to practice their skills in a semi virtual world without leaving the classroom.
·  Field Exercise mode – Our advances Player is worn by the student to track their movements in real time whist driving the simulators with the CBRN scenario you have created.
·  After Action Review – you can replay all Player movement, threat readings and mistakes made throughout the exercise to discuss how effectively your students carried out their mission and define areas for improvement.

PlumeSIM has won acclaim from many organisations that now use this system at their CBRN training facilities. The flexible simulation architecture means that it can grow with you as your simulation and training needs advance.

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