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CBNW Xplosive 2017

In the first half of 2017 the UK was targeted by four terrorist attacks; three were in central London. The terrorist cell which killed 15 people in Catalonia in August was planning massive vehicle bombing attacks in Barcelona. While terrorists resort increasingly to the ‘low-tech’ modus operandi, the IED continues to be the weapon of choice.

In our 2017 edition, Editor-in-Chief Andy Oppenheimer looks into the investigation into the Manchester bombing, and assesses terrorist use of the Internet to make IEDs; Brian Clesham advocates private enterprises for demining operations; David Thompson reports on Security & Counter Terror Expo 2017; Ronald Alford describes disruptor demos at the show; Ronnie Aledo warns against the Taliban resurgence in Afghanistan; Kier Head rolls out jammers against drones; Melanie Moughton outlines the role of the Felix Fund charity; David Oliver interviews leading firm Cobalt Light Systems, and takes us aboard advanced aircraft for detecting unexploded ordnance.

And as is customary, we at CBNW Xplosive extend our thanks to all of you who risk your lives to help keep us safe.

CBNW Xplosive 2016

CBNW Xplosive 2016React Media is proud to present our second issue of CBNW Xplosive, the leading annual journal dealing with the multiple military and civilian threats from Improvised Explosive Devices and explosives, and the evolving countermeasures to deal with them and those who deploy them.

In our 2016 edition we present a star cast of experts in the forefront of counter-IED. Chris Hunter QGM vividly describes what it means to take the bomb tech’s Long Walk; Robert Shaw analyzes the suicide-bombing at Atatürk Airport; we review the use of IEDs by ISIS; country focus is on EOD training in Afghanistan and mine clearance in Cambodia; special attention is devoted to explosives detection, and on protection for EOD teams; Frank G. Rando offers ways to respond to the prime threat of the suicide bomber, and David Oliver interviews leading equipment firms Endeavor and Teledyne.

And as ever, we extend our thanks to all of you who work so hard to help keep us safe.