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Cristanini offers solutions in the field of CBRN decontamination and protection, both civil and military, with decontamination systems and products suitable for large-scale action and capable of dealing with CBRN emergencies.

We provide systems for personnel decontamination and materials detoxification. Our systems are able to eliminate or reduce the negative effects of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear waste caused by natural disasters, industrial disasters, traffic accidents, war or terrorist attacks.

The R&D programme is conducted in collaboration with the most famous universities, including the Department of Chemical Engineering of the University of Padua in Italy and in military laboratories around the world. R&D activity is validated by more than 30 patents.

We have importers and agents in 73 different countries around the world.

Cristanini works with a one-one-one philosophy. It means that you can operate with only one operator, one machine and one decontaminant product anytime, anywhere.


Our CBRN decontaminant and detoxicant agents are effective against CBRN contamination and suitable for preventive sanitisation operations.

The main CBRN decontaminant and detoxifying products include:

The BX 24, a product that removes the CB contamination and neutralises it. BX 24 also decontaminates RN contamination and is also effective against TICs

The BX 29, a decontaminant agent for people

BX 40 for aircraft decontamination

SX 34 for sensitive equipment decontamination and detoxification, personnel decontamination and materials detoxification

CBRN decontamination systems

In order to intervene effectively and efficiently in any situation of emergency, we provide a variety of decontamination systems, including:

Sanijet C.921 and Sanijet C.921 EL, decontamination and detoxification systems for vehicles, personnel and materials

Decontamination tents and decontamination showers

CBRN decon trailer and light decon trailer

DDMAS, an autonomous mobile station suitable for vehicles, personnel, material, sanitisation of terrain and sensitive equipment decontamination

Fly 120/18, a mobile system for aircraft decontamination

Sanijetgun, a special lance that contains the decontaminating/detoxificating product (BX 24 powder)


Cristanini offers three different types of mobile laboratories: Biolab, Chemlab and also a Bio/Chem mobile laboratory. The laboratories have the capacity to act with full autonomy, thanks to the working-space available to the laboratory personnel. They are equipped to carry out operations with a range of at least 72 hours. These mobile laboratories can carry out their mission in a contaminated environment, thanks to a CBRN filtration system.

They have a ‘closed’ area for the entry of personnel preceding the laboratory entrance, helping to avoid the risk of contamination in the laboratories.

Equally, we have a vehicle laboratory called Vire. It is a vehicle for first aid teams and was designed to promptly recognise CBRN waste and toxic substances from natural disasters, industrial disasters, accidents or terrorist attacks. The laboratory performs the initial detection and identification, and provides specific information quickly, allowing the immediate reaction of other relevant departments to mitigate the effects resulting from CBRN events.


Cristanini proposes Skid V-025 Steam for the decontamination/detoxification and sanitisation of cisterns and tanks. This system is also suitable for the sterilisation of containers for transportation of drinkable water.

Finally, the E.O.D. (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) is a remote controlled system for perforating and deactivating unexploded bombs. This innovative system allows the operator to work a safe distance away from any potential contamination.

Our custom-made solutions are available for air force and naval applications.

Cristanini also produces an innovative system for Chem-Bio Large Decontamination Volume named LDV-X, which is able to detoxicate without damaging materials and with negligible final waste.