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Los Angeles based DxTerity Diagnostics is a molecular diagnostics company dedicated to enabling genomics in everyday care. DxTerity’s breakthrough technology, DxDirect™, is a simple, fast and affordable technique for analysis of complex gene signatures.

DxTerity Diagnostics is developing an innovative molecular test for acute radiation exposure – the REDI-Dx test. Using the DxTerity DxDirect™ method for direct-from-sample, multiplex gene-expression analysis and a proprietary panel of radiation-sensitive biomarkers, REDI-Dx is a simple, rapid, highly specific, and low-cost solution for biodosimetry and emergency management research designed to be superior to existing methods for estimating radiation exposure. REDI-Dx measures the expression of a panel of inflammation and immune system biomarkers that respond to radiation in a predictable and dose-dependent manner. Specifications for the REDI-Dx Test include:

Comparable accuracy to the dicentric chromosome test

Fingerstick sample collection and ambient shipping conditions

Same day results

Integration into patient tracking and situational awareness information systems

The test is being developed to meet the requirements for submission to the FDA for approval as an invitro diagnostic device.