Hughes Safety Showers

Hughes Safety Showers

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Hughes Safety Showers is Europe’s largest manufacturer of decontamination equipment, emergency safety showers and eye/face wash units with products designed to operate across all industries regardless of location, climate or local hazards.

The Hughes range of emergency response equipment is suitable for use in case of accident, disaster or attack using chemical, nuclear or biological agents. The decontamination showers, which can be used in conjunction with our inflatable decontamination shelters, remove contaminants from protective clothing prior to their removal or the bare skin of casualties involved in an accident.

The lightweight and robust PORTAflex 300/16e Portable Decontamination Shower is designed to remove contaminants from protective clothing prior to removal or the bare skin of casualties involved in an incident. This 16-nozzle decontamination shower is quickly deployed in less than a minute.

Combined with the hose assembly from the PORTAflex 300/16e, the PORTAflex CUPOLA Inflatable Decontamination Shelter is ideal where contaminated water must be contained. The openings on either side enable personnel to walk form the dirty to the clean area and aids in minimizing airborne over-spray.

For decontamination of protective clothing or as a temporary emergency shower, the PORTAdec 1000 comprises a robust foldaway frame with integral hood, disposable side sheeting and pump. The unit is easily erected and ready for use in just 5 minutes.

In circumstances requiring a casualty holding centre or protective enclosure, the Hughes Articulating Rapid Deployment Shelters offer a solution which is easy to carry and erect by two people in less than 10 minutes. Two or more units can be connected where extra space is needed and for extreme climates air conditioning systems or insulation is available.

Established in 1968, Hughes has built a reputation for innovative engineering design, stringent quality standards and compliance with European and International standards. In 2016, Hughes joined the Justrite Manufacturing Co. family of industrial hazardous and environmental spill containment products creating a stronger industrial safety company to better serve our customers.

With offices and manufacturing facilities in the UK, USA, Canada, Germany and the Middle East, complemented by a network of authorised distributors worldwide, you’re in safe hands with Hughes Safety Showers.