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Reliable solutions from one source – Kaercher Futuretech GmbH, as a subsidiary of the Alfred Kaercher GmbH & Co. KG, the manufacturer of high-pressure cleaning equipment, develops, manufactures, and markets products for the special needs of public customers. Recognised as a leading specialist worldwide, Futuretech concentrates on technology to assist in peacekeeping missions and disaster control: CBRN Protective Systems, Water Supply Systems, Mobile Catering Systems and Field Camp Systems. The company has an annual turnover of approx. 75 million Euro and more than 120 employees working in the central office in Schwaikheim, near Stuttgart.

Futuretech is a capable system vendor for demanding tasks. The modern, highly mobile and compact solutions in standard modular form can be customised to meet any needs and configured accordingly.

CBRN Protection Systems

Futuretech is a worldwide leader in CBRN protection for both military and civilian applications. We provide a comprehensive system consisting of decontamination equipment including decontamination devices, modules and systems, and chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) decontamination agents. Prompt and effective decontamination of persons, tanks and other vehicles, air and watercraft, personal weapons, clothing and equipment as well as sensitive material ensure the ability of the concerned troop, civilian population, police, frontier guard, etc. to survive. According to the specific needs, Futuretech offers customer-designed solutions on trailer or in container.

The container-based TEP 90 decontamination system has a consequent modular structure, and consists of decontamination modules which can be used independently and include all components necessary for carrying out thorough, mission-optimised decontamination close to the contaminated troop. The TEP 90 ensures the following main functions:

•  Decontamination of persons
•  Decontamination of personal NBC protective clothing and personal equipment
•  Decontamination of sensitive equipment
•  Decontamination of large vehicles
•  Decontamination of aircraft
•  Decontamination of the interiors of vehicles and aircraft
•  Decontamination of supply items and packaging receptacles
•  Decontamination of limited road sections, plants and installations (infrastructure)
•  Disinfection and vermin control measures

The TEP 90 represents the state-of-the-art in this specific area with its most modern decontamination technologies and agents.

The DECOCONTAIN 3000 GDS forms the technical basis for the establishment of a complete decontamination site and allows the simultaneous decontamination of material (vehicles), persons and personal equipment. The system is equipped with a shower section for the decontamination of persons, which is integrated into a side wall of the container. In addition, road sections can be decontaminated effectively using a decontamination solution. The integrated 2,750 l water tank also makes it possible to use the DECOCONTAIN 3000 GDS for independent decontamination missions.

Futuretech’s CBRN decontaminants are highly effective agents available for carrying out the rapid and effective radioactive, biological and chemical decontamination in the area of CBRN defence. The RDS 2000, BDS 2000 and GDS 2000 decontaminants are a complete family of CBRN decontamination agents which can be used effectively with minimal logistical effort at temperatures ranging from -30°C to +49°C. Beside their high decontamination effects, they stand out due to a good material compatibility and biological degradability.

Water Supply Systems

To fulfil the basic need for drinking water Futuretech has developed a range of mobile purification systems. All these systems are able to desalinate sea and brackish water and to produce drinking water out of nearly any water quality without the need of chemicals. Even water from contaminated sources can be purified.

Mobile Catering Systems

Futuretech as the mobile catering systems specialist designs, tests and produces future-oriented systems together with experts from all over the world. The systems are highly mobile and flexible in use and can be transported even to the most remote sites. Ranging from the individual module to the container kitchen, the Futuretech catering systems are designed for transport by road, sea and air.

Field Camp Systems

Futuretech’s range of field camps are deployable military facilities which – after a short assembly time – provide living and working conditions similar to those in the soldier’s home country during an extended period of deployment abroad. Futuretech systems promote the well-being of soldiers and task forces and enhance their morale and motivation.

Futuretech offers a full product range with its modular structure. Components are sanitary facilities, catering systems, and laundry systems.

In addition to the German Bundeswehr, the NATO partners and armed forces worldwide, an increasing number of organisations in the field of civil defence place their trust in reliable solutions from one source – that source being Futuretech.

If you require more detailed information, please visit our website www.kaercher-futuretech.com or contact us directly.