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LANCO Dr. Lange GmbH & Co. KG was originally founded in 1953. The company is today leading supplier of field tents for technical and professional applications.

A wide range of pneumatic structure tents is available, to match the most diverse operational profiles and technical requirements.

LANCO pneumatic structures make for ideal platform for a comprehensive range of CBRN decontamination units.

One post and multi post units are available for the decontamination of professional and emergency services operators. Units are lightweight and compact during transit, yet rapidly deployable and effective when in use.

Walk-through decontamination units are available for the decontamination of the general public and the civilians eventually involved in CBRN threats.

All the above solutions can be eventually supplied as turnkey systems, complete with the accessories and ancillaries as required.

Customised projects can also be faced, in case of specific operational requirement expressed by the users.

LANCO is supplying both the end users and main contractors / system integrators.

Product branding by main contractors / system integrators, is also possible.

LANCO products have earned a long established, good reputation for their quality and reliability.

LANCO always offer to its Customers reliable products and high quality services, including not only the supply but also the setup up, training, technical assistance made on site.