Graham Barnicoat – International Sales Manager

Email: graham.barnicoat@owrgroup.com

Tel: +49 6293 73 268
Fax: +49 6293 73 219
Oberschefflenzer Str.9, 74834 Elztal-Rittersbach, Germany

As a manufacturer of decontamination equipment, OWR has been setting the standards for CBRN defence and civil protection for more than 50 years. Using modern techniques and easy to use, user-friendly application systems, OWR develops and builds efficient mobile decontamination solutions for its customers, offering them a complete service from product development to training and after sales service. With a full range of products ranging from small hand-held spray applicators such as the Cobra, to the containerised multi purpose decontamination systems such as the MPD 100i, OWR can offer a solution to fit the needs of the customer, and with a design team constantly developing new and innovative products, OWR is setting the standards for the future of decontamination and helping to provide a safer and more certain future for the world.