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Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles GmbH – a whole new dimension in protected mobilty. One of the most trusted names in the global defence and security sector, Rheinmetall Defence is part of Rheinmetall AG, a globe-spanning technology group serving the international automotive industry and the armed forces of numerous nations. As one of Europe’s leading makers of systems and equipment for ground forces, Rheinmetall Defence supplies a wide array of hardware for enhancing the mobility, situational awareness, lethality and survivability of troops deployed in harm’s way, coupled with network solutions for joint and combined operations.

Particularly when it comes to force protection, in recent years Rheinmetall has broken new ground, systematically expanding its product range. A solution-driven commitment to the needs of the customer has been a hallmark of Rheinmetall Defence for decades. A joint venture of the Rheinmetall Group and MAN Nutzfahrzeuge AG, RMMV has emerged as a comprehensive supplier of wheeled military vehicles, offering a full range of protected and non-protected transport, C4I and mission-specific vehicles for military operations both at home and abroad.

RMMV , the world’s leading source of mobile CBRN reconnaissance systems for military applications and civil defence, meets the wide-ranging requirements of customers around the globe.

Tried and tested wordwide: Force protection technology for deployed operations Mobile CBRN reconnaissance systems – globally proven force protection and civil defence capabilities.

The Fuchs/Fox NBC reconnaissance system: The NBC-Recce version of the tried-and-tested Fuchs/Fox armoured transport vehicle is used by the military to detect nuclear, chemical and biological threats. A highly efficient means of reconnoitring and detecting CBRN agents, the stateof-the-art “Spürfuchs” is the mainstay of the CBRN corps of several of the world’s leading armies. The system is in service worldwide, demonstrating its effectiveness and reliability on a daily basis.

Biological reconnaissance systems: On account of the wide spectrum of different biological threats,numerous detection methods are necessary. Carrying out these tasks thus requires separate biological reconnaissance systems. RMMV’s biological Reconnaissance systems constantly monitor the ambient atmosphere, ready to detect any increased concentration of suspicious particles. If an anomaly is detected, air samples are taken for identification.Genetic and immunological identification methods are employed here. In developing the necessary reagents, RMMV has collaborated with competent partners in the microbiology sector.

Mobile CBRN field laboratory: RMMV ’s fully equipped mobile CBRN field laboratory is used for identifying and verifying possible nuclear, biological and chemical contamination. The laboratory makes it possible to measure radiation and dangerous substances as well as to carry out chemical and bio-chemical analyses and microbiological examinations.

Light CBRN detection vehicle: The light CBRN detection vehicle was developed for reconnoitering and detecting radioactive and chemical contamination. The system enables detection, analysis and archiving of radiological and chemical data. As an option also biological threats can be detected. The vehicle is equipped with its own power supply and can be integrated into any standard transport vehicle. The vehicle can seat up to four persons.

The threat from CBRN agents and contaminants: Today, more than two decades since the end of the Cold War, nuclear, biological and chemical agents continue to pose a serious and growing threat. Thus, being able to react in a quick and scalable way to any release of CBRN warfare agents or contaminants is absolutely critical making fast, reliable detection of CBRN and other toxic substances an  increasingly important capability, even under extremely difficult operating conditions.

Military and civil requirements: Assets capable of detecting and identifying open and concealed CBRN threats are a vital prerequisite for efficient, sustained CBRN defence operations. Dealing effectively with this multifaceted threat requires a comprehensive network of interlinked CBRN reconnaissance systems. Toxic substances discovered in a subway system; the release of hazardous materials in a crowded sports stadium; an incident at a nuclear power plant; biological contamination of the food chain and/or in the agriculture sector; an industrial accident, an environmental disaster or stray military ordnance: the incalculable nature and sheer unpredictability of CBRN events mean that civilian and military decision-makers and the emergency services have to react very quickly to incidents that are basically impossible to prepare for. Meanwhile, customers now expect manufacturers to deliver high-tech, increasingly sophisticated network-enabled systems that are easy to operate. The greater the transport flexibility, the more useful these systems will be in an emergency.