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Graham Powe –  Managing Director

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Safety Equipment Australia Pty Ltd was first established in Sydney in 1984.  As part of The S.E.A. Group it has become a premier name in the field of industrial respiratory protection, importing and distributing renowned product names such as Sundström respirators, Trellchem protective suits and Interspiro SCBA.

In-house facilities

Over the past decades, Safety Equipment Australia has also entered the international arena as a designer and manufacturer of the world’s first high-performance positive-pressure demand CBRN equipment, notably the SE400 and SE40 respirators.  These products were designed, developed and engineered in-house utilising the sophisticated CAD-CAM engineering facilities, test laboratories, tool workshops, manufacturing and assembly resources located on the premises.  These facilities enable the company to conduct its own research into human physiology and the interface between wearer and respirator, improving equipment design to meet physical requirements.  All of this ensures that design, quality and manufacturing are completely within the company’s control.

New products and developments

The team of highly qualified personnel and facilities contribute not only to functionality checking, service and repairs, but also to the possibility of tailoring equipment to customers’ specific needs.  A strong knowledge base has been built up both in terms of human resources and information material.  New products are continuously developed, tested and refined, not only in the respirator arena, but also in communication equipment and safety management software.


The company’s manufacturing operation covers five main product areas:  CBRN respirators, In-mask electronic voice communication, accessories, protective CBRN suits and software (equipment usage and real time respirator monitoring).

Sponsorship of research projects

Safety Equipment Australia has long been a sponsor involved in various research programs on aspects of human breathing physiology and respiratory protection.  The current scholarship (sponsoring a student from the University of Wollongong) is designed to measure human breathing under different work rates, fitness levels and environmental factors. The project uses many thousands of readings of people and will ultimately help the understanding of the physiological effects of respiratory protection on the human body.

International approvals, global recognition

Safety Equipment Australia is ISO 9001:2008 accredited (certificate No:  QEC0164) and holds NIOSH (USA) and INSPEC (EU) CBRN approvals.

With an extensive network of distributors and representatives, global recognition across Australia, Asia, North America and Europe has been achieved for the CBRN respirators and other personal protective equipment, with emphasis on performance in domestic preparedness and  emergency situations including exposure to a wide range of warfare agents.