Security remains an ever present concern on the global agenda. These three international postgraduate part-time distance learning programmes from the renowned John Grieve Centre for Policing and Community Safety at London Metropolitan University will help you to study the threats as well examine the inter-disciplinary links with international relations. Scroll down for more details or use these quick links:

> Security Studies
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> Counter-Terrorism Studies
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> Intelligence & Security Studies
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For professionals seeking to enter into or advance their security, intelligence or counter-terrorism related careers in both the public and private sector, these courses are ideal. They give you the opportunity to gain a university degree at Master of Science (MSc) level or you can opt to study at either Postgraduate Certificate (PGCert) or Postgraduate Diploma (PGDip) and then top up later if you wish.

Security Studies

The Security Studies PGCert/PGDip/MSc programme investigates the key issues and emerging paradigms of security, intelligence analysis and criminology at local and global levels.

Modules examine key themes and debates shaping the concepts of security and security studies. They address critical areas of contemporary concern within security studies, covering issues stretching from US foreign policy through the role of radicalisation in international politics to the evolving dangers of financial and cyber-crime.

Counter-Terrorism Studies

The Counter-Terrorism Studies PGCert/PGDip/MSc programme offers an unrivalled insight into the current debates and controversies around the subject, providing a solid analysis of the growth of terrorism, its political context and how to counter it.

Modules examine key themes and debates shaping the concepts of counter-terrorism. They address critical areas of contemporary concern within terrorism studies, covering issues stretching from contemporary issues in terrorism, intelligence and terrorist finance, through to community policing and military responses to terrorism and radicalisation.

Intelligence & Security Studies

The Intelligence and Security Studies PGDip/MSc programme will give you a solid grasp of the multitude of problems facing the international community today.

You will gain a solid academic grounding in the fields of intelligence analysis, successes and failures in intelligence operations and security which will equip you with the critical thinking skills needed to make sense of the ever-changing global security agenda. These skills will enable you to engage with institutions and individuals central to this area.

Progression from the PGCert/PGDip to MSc

Students may enrol straight onto the MSc programme. Or, for flexibility, you can elect to study a lower qualification of PGCert or PGDip, and then choose to re-join the programme at a future intake and complete additional studies to gain a higher academic award.

With distance learning, you can study and gain a career-changing qualification without needing to take time out of work, travel to a distant campus or attend physical lectures – all you need is an internet connection and you can fully engage in the course.

Who are these programmes for?

As mentioned above, those looking to begin or progress their career within security and intelligence would find the programmes considerably valuable, particularly those who are interested in policy issues and/or whose career plans involve dealing with international security affairs – all of which benefit from a solid academic grounding in the field.

The courses are an excellent preparation for many careers in the civil and foreign service, non-governmental and international organisations, the private sector and in academic research.

Now accepting application – don’t miss out

Applications are now being accepted for all of the above courses. The application deadline for 2015 is 7th September. IBC Academy is managing applications for enrolment on behalf of John Grieve Centre at London Metropolitan University. There is an application fee of £400 / US$640 payable with your application to enrol and for convenience our registration form includes the ability to pay this securely by credit card in GBP, USD or EUR. On acceptance to the course of your choice, this application fee is deducted from the full fee, which can be paid in instalments, or should your application be declined on academic grounds we will refund it.


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